Sunday, August 14, 2011

Frog Tape...disappointed!

This did not come out as expected! I expected the uniform surface to seal itself better, but it was much worse than any I've ever done. I no longer recommend Frog Tape for this application.
I have had much better results with blue tape that I have sealed with paint. This will require alot of touch up! I will be able to make it right, but with much more time and effort.


  1. I wonder what you charge for a 2 X 2 barn quilt? I'm thinking of a small shed...

  2. Thank you, Michelle, for your interest! If you want, send me an email (it is on my profile), and we can discuss it there, okay?
    But to answer your question, I charge $65.00 for a 2x2, plus shipping.

  3. cdtrentham @yahoo.comNovember 13, 2011 at 6:54 AM

    i also used frog tape for the first time...yuk. it worked no better than the blue tape. i have made maybe 10 2x2 and 1 4x4 and am looking to sell them. 50$ for 2x2 and 100$ for 4x4. i live in parrottsville, tn and love making these quilts. thank you for letting me post a comment. i do a lot of touching up after frog tape. you have beautiful pics.

  4. cd, thanks for the feedback...I'm glad it wasn't just me:) I don't mind some touch-up, just wasn't expecting there to be so much with the green tape. I have less touchup with blue that I seal. If you have a website, I would love to see your barn quilts!

  5. I thought the Frog tape worked better, myself. But, after two coats of primer, I used 100 grain sandpaper on a palm sander to prep the whole area. No problems bleeding under, just a little amount of adhesive left but not really noticeable. BTW, your quilts look great!

    1. I am glad to hear that, Fall Creek. What material are you using for your barn quilt? This one is exterior plywood. I did not sand after priming.
      Thanks for the feedback :) And the compliment :)