Sunday, February 22, 2015

AQS Magazine Feature!

The fact is, painting barn quilts led me back to sewing quilt quilts.
Through this blog, Prairie Patchworks, I entered the wide wonderful online quilting community!
My virtual travels were largely dictated by captivating photos of amazing, beautiful quilts!
I remember seeing this one for the first time! It is still one of my all time favorites!

Come to find out, it's maker Linda Hungerford, is also, among many other things, a regular contributor to the American Quilters Society magazine, American Quilter.
She is also the friend of the friend for whom I made the Missouri Star barn quilt.

It was a flattering surprise when Linda contacted me sometime back in 2013 about a possible collaboration on an article she wanted to write for American Quilter.
Having ties with AQS that went all the way back to 1989 and my earliest quilting memories, I was happy to play, and paint along!
The pattern I chose to make was a bit of a departure from my usual preference for stars. 
Asked for something a bit on the "modern" side, I came up with a fun chevron on a 24" x 24" board.
I used colors I had on hand and am happy with how it all came out.
Originally slated to be published in the Spring of 2014, I was very busy with painting, photographing and transferring instructions in the Fall of 2013. 
It happens in the publishing world that things get shifted around, and the barn quilt article was temporarily shelved through 2014.
 So it is with pleasure that I can finally announce we finally made it to print! I look forward to receiving my copy of the March 2015 issue of  American Quilter, in which you will find Linda's article featuring my barn quilt, with instructions how to make one of your own!