Sunday, June 26, 2011


***WARNING: The following post has absolutely NOTHING to do with barn quilts! :)

Would anyone believe that they could possibly survive without their telephone and computer for 33 days? Well, due to high water in the Mussellshell River, I have experienced just that! Our phone line was ripped from the bank and could not even be reached for repair until just a few days ago! So from the 21st of May until the 23rd of June, it was a 50 mile, one way trip just to make a phone call, and if the library was open, we could possibly use a computer!

It has been a crazy couple of months! Water flowing through the yard 5 times, 9 power outages from 3 to 17 hours in duration, of course, no phone, and muddy, impassable road conditions! Whew! Glad, very glad, to be on the dry side of June!

But there are other activities to engage in when the power or phone or computer is out, aren't there?
While I missed all the colorful, inspiring blog updates on my favorite quilt sites, I was able to finish my longest running unfinished project!

For my second wedding anniversry, way back in 1987, my wonderful mother-in-law bought me the fabric for a queen sized Broken Star quilt! I had participated in 2 beginners quilt classes, both with her, and with that foundation, I began to draw and cut out 800+ individual diamonds and to piece them together, piece by piece, row by row by hand! Remember, this was the '80s and I had no knowledge of strip piecing...unfortunately! Many other projects started and finished in the meantime. I am so pleased to relate that while waiting for water to recede, I was able to finish a winter's worth of quilting. All that is left is the binding, which is cut, pressed and waiting for (gulp) a rainy day?! We have alot of spring /summer catching up to do before I can allow myself the luxury of the finishing touch...but to have the quilting completed is a huge reward for me! I finished the last stitch of it , appropriately enough, on our 26th anniversary, June 15th, 2011 :)

***these photos were taken before I had finished quilting the sawtooth border and trimmed the edges...but rest assured I have done those things :)