Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Frog Tape

Have you heard of Frog Tape?
Well, it is green.
And it is supposed to make an immediate seal when in contact with latex paint.

In the past, I have simply sealed the tape edges with white paint, which worked well, but required some minor touch-up, and was a bit tedious to apply (a bigger brush may have helped).

After only one job, the Frog Tape has certainly proven to be less work in application, but a bit of touch-up will still be done. I think where there was a "seam" standing up, the tape did not seal as well as where it was smooth, which is to be expected, in my opinion.

Frog Tape is about twice the price of the blue tape, and I think it is worth the price, even if you touch-up a bit. If you are making a barn quilt for yourself, it is worth it in saving the step of sealing the edges of your tape, and the bigger the project, the bigger the time and effort savings with the Frog Tape.

Do you have experience with Frog Tape you would like to share? If so, please leave a comment! Thanks!

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