Monday, July 19, 2010

View from the Arts & Crafts Show

The Lost Fork Arts and Crafts Show was this past Saturday. We had marvelous weather, good company and a steady flow of visitors. This was the first public showing for my barn quilts and I was pleased with the favorable response they received. I want to thank my friend, Connie, for including Prairie Patchworks in her show, and the many folks who turned out to make this show a success!
I hope we will do this again next year!


  1. What an amazing opportunity to spread the word about your beautiful work!

    Our town's arts counsel puts on a "lunch in the park" program through the whole month of July where every Thursday there's a different musical group performing to picnicers in the park. There is also usually a little tent showcasing two or three visual artists. One lady at last week's lunch in the park was displaying barn quits. I was SO excited and hurried over to meet her hoping it was you. : ) Someday I'm sure we'll actually run into each other and meet in person! Montana's not THAT big.

    Also, thank you for your kind words on my blog. I'm always excited to see your name pop up in my email because I know your comments are always encouraging!

  2. Oh that is so cool Sarah! Are those all yours on the right of the house??

  3. Why, yes they are, Miss Shauna! We had a beautiful day... :)