Sunday, March 10, 2013

Missouri Star!

From this... this!

Notable lesson learned with this barn quilt: Never use an oil based WILL yellow! Water based exterior poly only! I learned this the hard way! I used poly only because the aqua and the gray are interior latex "samples" from Lowes and needed protected. When using all exterior paints, I don't use poly, so this was a first for me. I originally used Spar Varnish, because I had some on hand. It made the nice brights look muddy. So I repainted the aqua and the gray, and found a water based exterior polyurethane to use instead. It turned out just fine!

 Here it is in it's new Missouri home: 

  It makes me so happy!

And one more final picture...
How 'bout that?!  I love it!


  1. Great barn quilt. Love the colors.

  2. Your barn quilts are awesome!

  3. Thanks girls! You're sweet to say so :)

  4. Sarah, Great job. But, I thought you gave up on Frog tape. Isn't that what you're using on this barn quilt? I usually use the blue tape and never tried the Frog tape.


  5. Mark I owe you a Frog Tape update...I have had mixed results with it to be sure, but since I have been back in the Midwest, I have had better luck with it. Could it be the humidity? There are more particulars when using the Frog Tape, and I guess the bottom line is that I figure on some amount of touch up with either tape. When it works well, it is nice to be able to skip the step of sealing the edge of the blue tape. I haven't had the drastically poor results since that first time using the Frog Tape. I try to "seal" the edge of the F.T. first before I fill in the rest, and that seems to have helped the final result. I am making one right now and will try and take a few pictures along the way to clarify...thank you for paying attention, and keeping me "accountable" in some way :)